Sleep aids are the medication used for the treatment of insomnia(sleeping disorder). Food and Drugs Administration has approved prescription sleep aid pills only for the short term use(maximum 1 month). Most of the sleep-inducing medications are classified under the drug class of sedative hypnotics. Numerous sleep aids are available on the pharmaceutical market yet it is not sure that everyone treats insomnia. Few of the trusted and genuine sleep-inducing medicines are Ambien, Lunesta, and Sonata. As these medications enable the patients to fall asleep immediately while they go to the bed. These medicines are considered to be safe when it is taken in a proper manner and they act quickly to enhance the mobility and sleep. Sometimes they would cause abuse and addiction. Sleep aids affect the brain by adjusting the chemicals and thereby it produces the calming effect, that prompt sleep.

Sleep Aid effects on the brain and body

Sleep aid prescription medications are utilized to relieve the insomnia symptoms and assist the progress of sleep. Sleep-inducing medications are the central nervous system depressants and their impacts on the brain and body incorporate strong sedation. Sleep aids enable you to perform some activities while you are on the sleep. Hence it is advisable not to involve in risk activities when you used this medicines.. Some of the other effects of sleep aids on the body are drowsiness, unusual dreams, dizziness, unbalanced condition, lightheadedness. The sleep medications hit the blood’s pinnacle levels only after 30 minutes. Hence it is essential to take the sleep medicines before bedtime. Usually, most of the sleep aids long lasted for more than 8 hours in the body.


Sleep aids are classified under the category of prescription-only drugs. Because all of this medications can lead to the abuse and addiction. Hence all sleep-inducing medicines can be accessed only with the doctor prescription. Doctors examine the patient’s health conditions before recommending the suitable treatment. Few medical tests might be carried out to find out whether you have diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, and kidney or liver disorders. Specialists only know about the insomnia symptoms and exact medicine for the sleeping disorder. The efficiency of those medications differs from one person to another person yet it is advisable to consult the physician instead of taking the sleeping pill on your own.

Effectiveness of Sleep-Inducing medications

As said previously, the activities of those medicines are varied among individuals and the kind of the drug utilized. Nearly 84% of people those who have taken this treatment have successfully recovered from insomnia. Sleep-inducing pills helps to reduce the symptoms of insomnia and it does not help the patients to completely recover from insomnia conditions. Some people might have to take the treatment for more than one month so it is necessary to get an advice from the healthcare professional regarding the use of sleep aid for the longer time period. Insomnia people can feel the effects of the medication in between 1 to 2 hours.


Suppose if you want to discontinue the treatment with the sleep aid, it is advisable to consult with your physician before stop using it. Doctors will inform the right time for discontinuing the medication. Usually, a gradual decrease of the dose over weeks might be suggested rather than sudden discontinuation.

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General Information: Medical Uses and Effects Ambien is a prescription medicine and it is typically utilized for the short-term treatment of the sleeping disorder(insomnia) in adults. It is also traded in its generic name of Zolpidem. This medicine comes under … Continued

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