You can track your order package easily by simply sign in to your account. Just submit your order id and billing address zip code and thereby you can able to know where your order package has been located.

For your kind information: You can view the order status only when you created an account with us.

Order Process

  • Once you gave the confirmation about your order placement, then we will send your order receipt to your registered email address.
  • Our representative will check and confirm your order after verifying the shipment and payment details. Once it is met with our requirements, we drop the mail regarding the delivery date and bill code to your email id.
  • In case if your order has not able to process by us, you will receive the mail where you will be required to fill out the issues in detail. By that, we fix the problem and process the order.
  • You need not log in to our site regularly to know about your order status as we send you an email with frequent up-to-date information on your order placement and shipping status.