What is meant by generic medication?

Generic drugseems to be look like brand medication and it’s features(Quality, working performance, dosing directions, and strength) are same as of branded drug. It shows that the generics are prepared with the active ingredients of branded drugs. Hence both brand and generic drugs are functioned in a similar way. Generics may vary from the brand one in packaging, color and relish. In addition, the generic does not undergo any patent rights but brand-name drugs hold the patent rights.

Why are generic medications cheaper than brand drugs?

There are few reasons available for selling branded medications at a higher price. Below you will find out the reasoning.

  • Medical researchers spent a lot of time and money(up to billions) to find out and clinically tested the creative drugs
  • Drug manufacturers need profit for their expenditures
  • They utilize marketing and advertising methods and thereby they spend the amount on these techniques
  • They obtain the patent right protection yet its effective life is long last for 7 to 12 years.

Following are the main reason of selling the generic drugs at the cheaper price

  • They do not require any medical test in order to prove their efficiency and safety. Because the patented organization have done the process previously.
  • They can survive in the pharmaceutical market without marketing and advertising. Yet the patent drugs are advertised already yet it does not require any publicity.
  • New formula or creative manufacturing technology is not required to produce this medication.

As you will notice that the generic drugs save a huge amount of money and time of the users and insurance organizations.

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