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General Info: Uses and Effects

Phentermine Generic (Adipex) is a drug that is used in the treatment of weight loss in people. Adipex is the brand name and it is sold under the same name in most of the countries around the globe. It also sold by other names such as Acxion, Duromine, Elvenir, Fastin, Qsymia, and Lomaira. The medication is an effective appetite suppressant through which it helps in reducing the weight in the body. Phentermine helps in controlling the body weight. Obesity is one of the major problems that most of the people are facing nowadays which eventually gives them some other medical conditions such as tiredness, gains in weight, thyroid etc. These health issues might retain for a lifetime and make the life of an individual more difficult.

To know the uses and working of Phentermine, Keep reading! Phentermine is a stimulant that releases the chemical in the brain that does the manipulation in the mind to curb your appetite, because of which you will start to feel full and will eat less. With a proper diet and exercise, this medication would do wonders for the person who is taking this drug to reduce their weight. An approval from the physician is required to procure the medication in the first place. It is because taking this drug for a long period of time might change the behavior of a person. Taking the weight loss medication Phentermine along with a reduced calorie food will help you to lose weight faster than expected.

Phentermine causes the body to release the fat through taking a limited amount of meals and helps in boosting more energy to the body. Decreasing the appetite would help a person to lose weight soon and in a healthy way. Keeping up with some diet plans and an exercise, the faster loss the weight will be done. The things that will affect your weight loss are the gender, environmental factors, over control of diet, the dosage of drugs and some other genetic factors.

Phentermine Contraindication: Important to know

Phentermine (Adipex) is used to treat the obesity in people that comes with a certain contraindication and should have to be taken with some precaution, else it would end up causing some harm to the person who is taking the medication. It is strictly not to be consumed by the pregnant women and the women who are nursing baby. It is because the chemicals that contained in the medication might pass into the infant that would cause negative effects to the baby.

If you are really want to take this medication, then you have to consult with the doctor and explain your situation and all your health conditions that are currently experiencing and experienced before. Adipex might contain some of the chemicals that would result in causing the side effects to a person. So it is important to explain your health issues or any history of drug or allergies to pills should have to inform the physician. If you a person suffering from the cardiovascular disease or glaucoma, then ensure that you are taking this drug without a proper consultation with the doctor.

Phentermine Administration

The administration of the weight loss medication Phentermine is completely depended on the following of the directions given by the physician. It is because the drug does come with some contraindications. It can be taken orally by mouth. The dosage will be given by the doctor and you are requested to keep up with it for a better result. It might be taken as a single pill at once or can be divided into three as such as taking each of them a certain period of time before the meal. Make sure that Phentermine should never be taken before the bedtime, it is important that this drug can be consumed at least 7-8 hours before bedtime.

Usage of Phentermine should have to limit within a certain period of time as prescribed by the physician and taking the medication for a long period of time would only result in worsening the condition of a person.


Phentermine 37.5mg is the most recommended dosage amount around the world for weight loss. However, the administering of doses will depend on the health conditions or certain other factors of the person. Overdosing or missed dose of the drug have the possibility of causing some serious problems. Overdosing of the medication could be fatal to a person, so taking a consultation with a doctor is necessary.

Take Phentermine 37.5mg medication early in the morning at least 30minutes to 1 hour before your meal. If you missed a dose, then you should have to take it as soon as you remember taking it. Do not take double pills at a time, just follow the instruction that is given by your physician for a faster result.

Side Effects

There are many possible side effects would be caused by the use of Phentermine. But note it down, following the prescribed way will save you, taking the medication improperly might result in causing some serious side effects to the person. Some of the common side effects are dizziness, dry mouth, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or sleeping disorder. If you are experiencing any of these for a long period of time, then stop taking the drug and immediately consult with the doctor.

Some of the serious medical conditions that are caused by Phentermine intake are a severe headache, seizure, weakness, heart or lung problems, hypertension, and heart problems. Seek immediate medical help if you are experiencing any of these side effects.

Phentermine Drug Interactions

Taking Phentermine along with other medications is not a right thing to do. It will not help you in reducing your weight at any cost instead it will make it worse. If you are taking any medication for any of your health conditions then you should have to inform it to the doctor, so that the doctor will know which one will interact and the one doesn’t by which it will be easy to provide the prescription and administering the drug properly.

People who are having some important health issues which cannot avoid the intake of some medications, then those people should have to consult with a doctor to know whether they can take Phentermine or not.


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