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General Information: Medical Uses and Effects

Ambien is a prescription medicine and it is typically utilized for the short-term treatment of the sleeping disorder(insomnia) in adults. It is also traded in its generic name of Zolpidem. This medicine comes under the drug class of hypnotics. It affects the brain by slowing down its activity and thereby it enables the insomnia patients to fall asleep. Ambien medication can be accessible in the form of tablet hence it can be administered by mouth prior to bedtime.

Ambien medicine was introduced in the market in two major forms for patient’s concern. Immediate release and extended release are the two major forms.Taking Ambien IR tablet, you can fall asleep immediately. The  Ambien CR(extended-release) consists of two layers, the first layer dissolves immediately and makes you begin sleeping and the second layer that discharge into the body slowly to makes you stay asleep. Doctors will decide which Ambien form is appropriate for you unless you must not take it on own decision.

This medicine may decrease your thinking or brain responses. You may feel tired the morning later taking this medication, particularly if you use the extended-release pill, or supposing that you are women. Hold up at least 5 hours or until that you are completely wakeful before you do anything that expects you to be conscious and caution.


Ambien is considered to be controlled substance yet insomnia patients can be overdosed or lead to addiction. So Food and Drugs Administration in the United States has classified this medication under Schedule IV Controlled Substance. Keep this medicine away from children and others except you in order to avoid abuse and misuse. Sharing or selling this medication may damage the other person and it is considered to be against the federal law. Inform your physician in case if you have usually abused or been addicted to the street medicines, alcohol, and non-prescription pills.

Contraindication: Most Important things that you need to know!

Ambien (Zolpidem) utilized to treat insomnia comes along with numerous contradictions yet it has to be taken cautiously, it might injure the patient more than giving an advantage. As a matter of first importance, it isn’t to be utilized by the women those who are pregnant because it might cause danger to the unborn baby. Even breastfeeding women should not take this medication yet the tablet ingredients passes into the breast milk and thereby causes negative effects on the baby. Medically it has not been proved and no studies have been done on the human. According to the animal studies, pregnant and lactating animals had some issues with their born babies.

Suppose if you have any other allergies, then you have to inform your physician before taking this medication because ingredients in the Ambien may react with some other chemicals in the body and lead to the severe side effects. Likewise, if you have any of the following condition, then kindly tell your physician before using the sleep-inducing medicine.

  • Depression
  • Loss of memory
  • Confused
  • Alcohol intoxication
  • Liver or kidney disease
  • Hostile behavior
  • Hallucination

Guidelines on Taking Ambien

Ambien should be administered according to the doctor guidelines because this medicine comes with numerous contradictions. It must not take more rather than recommended for you. Suppose if you are not able to stay in bed for more than 7 hours(full night), you ought not to utilize the Ambien medication. This medicine must be administered without meals because it works effectively on the empty stomach. Inform your physician in case if your sleeping disorder worsen or you could not feel better after 10 days from the time of drug taken. This might imply there is some other medical condition determining your sleep issue. In case if you have taken alcohol, then you must not use Ambien pill during on that time period.

Ambien medicine is recommended for short-term utilizationso you must limit to take it for a particular time duration that is being prescribed by the physician. Prolonged utilize of this medicine would not enhance the condition but it added risk to your health. Numerous side effects would be discovered while the sleep aid pill is used at higher dosages.

Ambien Dosage

Ambien sleep aid pills must be used as promptlyas per the guidelines of your physician. Dosing directions will be given on your prescription label hence you must follow according to it.

The prescribed Ambien dosage for adults is 10mg per day prior to bedtime. Ambien dose must not exceed 10mg once in a day. And this dosage is particularly prescribed only for adult men. The 5mg dose is prescribed for women. The Food and Drugs Administration has decreased the prescription dosage for women for immediate release tablets from 10milligram to 5milligram because Ambien would take more time to discharge from the women bodies but not in case of men as it takes only few time.

Adverse Reactions

There are numerous side effects could be predicted on patients who have taken Ambien pill for insomnia. But adverse reactions will vary among the patients. Some of the most common side effects are abnormal thoughts, depression, swelling of the throat or tongue, lightheadedness, vomiting, nausea, dizziness, agitation, diarrhea, and drowsiness.

Interaction of Medicines

While you are consulting your physician, it is must report all about your present medicines(prescription or nonprescription or herbal supplements) that you are taking for any other medical condition, thereby your physician can know that which medicine can meddle up with sleep aid Ambien pill and lead to the severe adverse effect. It is one of the most important factors before taking the sleep aid.


“A few years back I was suffered from insomnia. During that period, I cannot able to focus on my daily activities because I did not have enough sleep. So I have consulted my physician and he prescribed Ambien 10mg. Within few days, I recovered from insomnia. This is really because of taking the pill according to my doctor prescribed. It is an amazing medicine. Even I could not experience any side effects while on the insomnia treatment. I have purchased Ambien from online pharmacy instead of a retail outlet. I received my parcel on time. Online purchase saves my time and money. Now am completely overcome sleeping disorder”.

– Reena Fernandez, Australia

“I am college going student, and my sleeping disorder was strange to my carrier success. So I have taken Ambien medication to attain enough sleep during the night time. After taken this pill regularly once in a day, it enables me to focus on my studies and it enhances my concentration level. It works more effectively on my body. The medicine helps me to fall asleep within 30 minutes after consumption of it. But I feel tired on the next day morning after taken Ambien medication and it happened only on the starting stage of the treatment and later on, I could feel better. The sleep aid gives me relief from the sleeping disorder. Thanks, Ambien!”

– Neha William, USA


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