Effects of Adderall and Modafinil on Sleepiness and Attention Disorder

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Sleepiness and Attention DisorderRecently one of the medical team has conducted a research on the nootropic medications effects on treating sleep disorders such as narcolepsy and related diseases. They have utilized nearly 78 peoples for their research purposes. Expert physicians have organized the team members and work around the clock to find out the results.

Tested Peoples were split into Five Groups

  • People who experienced excessive sleepiness(narcolepsy) and sleep related issue were categorized in the first group and given nootropic drugs to those patients by the expert physicians periodically (ie) either Adderall or Modafinil
  • People who suffered from sleep disorders and narcolepsy and did not take nootropics or any other medications are put it under the second group
  • Individuals those who determined to have sleep issues and narcolepsy and did not use any medication, but rather were given a placebo; were classified under the third group.
  • The fourth group consisted of healthy individuals and students who have utilized nootropic medicines without doctor prescription
  • Healthy peoples were put it on the fifth group and those peoples are never taken nootropics or any other medicines but they were sleep late during the night.

Therefore, in first three of the groups were individuals experiencing either work shift disorder or narcolepsy, while the rest of the two groups were consists of healthy people, with just a single of them using nootropics.

The Main Intention of the Case Study

Intention of this research is to know the exact working function of nootropic medicine like Adderall and Modafinil, side effects of these two mentioned medicines. Theresearcher’s main objective is to find out the alternative way for the sleep disorder treatment and determine whether there is any other method available in treating the major cause of this disorder.

All the above five groups were participated in the research and completed the research within a short time period(two weeks). Researchers obtain the results from the peoples by observing and interviewing them. Researchers said that this time duration is long sufficient for them to stretch the conclusions. According to study, they have determined the nootropic medicines effects under various medical conditions, but they have not discovered possible long-term adverse effects of Adderall and Modafinil due to the short time period. No research has been conducted on these two medicines for the last 12 weeks.

Unpublished Data from the Research Study

People with narcolepsy and sleep related issues in the 1st group were given Modafinil and Adderall medication. A solid change was seen in the indication of every alive symptom. Peron tends to sleep better, did not experience much difficulty in sleeping, explore much more aggressive for the whole day and their memory, concentration and attention were enormously progressed. Just minor symptoms were seen among few of the tested patient and those side effects are confusion, head pain, and nausea.

People with narcolepsy in the group II, who did not take any pharmacological treatment, comes about varied changes on an individual level. Symptoms have been reduced in some of the volunteers compared to the first group. While some other peoples stayed unchanged after taking the medicine and their symptoms get worse day by day.

The placebo group demonstrated similar outcomes as of the second group.

The fourth group understudies who utilized nootropic medicines experienced better enhancement in every intellectual ability such as concentration duration, attentiveness, learning pace, memory capabilities, and so forth. In addition, the researchers observed emotional and mental changes among few of the peoples. The given medication have increased the motivation level and self-confidence among the volunteers. Some of the side effects have been noticed on this fourth group people. Those symptoms are trouble sleeping, nervousness, itching, confusion, depression, and agitation. Researchers further observed severe side effects when the peoples used nootropic medicines for longer time duration.

The fifth group healthy people said that they were sleep late at the night, it implies that the people suffered from the sleep disorders by that they will experience excessive sleepiness on daytime, tiredness, headache, agitation, depression and moreover they are not able to concentrate or focus on any other activities.

Study Results

The following results were given by the medical team who have a done a research on Adderall, Modafinil, and few of the nootropic medicines. The conclusion was published according to the study explained above.

  • Both Modafinil and Adderall helps to decrease the side effects of sleep disorders but they do not react to the root cause of the issue. It is one of the main failures of nootropic treatment. People who have used any of these medicine for longer time duration have suffered from long-term adverse reactions and drug addiction.
  • Adderall and Modafinil usage are not recommended for the students because they cause severe side effects within a short time period after the first administration. Numerous mental disorders occur while taking any of these medications for a longer period.

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