What does Zolpidem cost? Generic vs Non- Generic

Zolpidem is a highly popular medicine among those who often face the difficulty of falling asleep. It is not only an excellent sleep aiding medication but is also a highly potent sedative. Zolpidem is available in the brand formulation having the name Ambien. Both of these pills are used in the treatment of insomnia and are priced at varying rates. Zolpidem is available at a price that does not match with that of its brand constituent Ambien. The price fluctuation is attributed to varied factors that determine the approximate rates for both the medicines. This article explains in detail about the various factors that account for the difference in pricing between the brand and the generic variant of Ambien.

Zolpidem costs lesser than that of brand Ambien

Zolpidem is a generic variation and is generally available at a much cheaper rate. On the other hand, the brand Ambien is sold at a rate that is very high and is not affordable by many. This could be due to the fact that Ambien is backed by a patent that took years of research in preparing the medicine. The clinical investigation consumed a lot of money and this is one primary reason for the increased price of Ambien. Zolpidem is basically prepared upon expiration of the brand patent. An average of 30 pills of generic Ambien of the dosage strength 5mg is sold at a rate of 79$ approximately. The tariff, however, could differ from one online pharmacy to another.

Generic Ambien cost depends upon dosage strength and quantity

The price of generic Ambien, as well as non-generic Ambien, also depends upon the dosage strength of Ambien. A person who orders for Zolpidem 5mg can obtain it for a low price than a person who orders generic Ambien 10mg. 5mg Zolpidem containing 30 pills in a pack can cost about 79$ approximately whereas 10mg Zolpidem containing 30 pills in a pack can cost about 95$ approximately. The price also differs from the number of pills ordered. If a person orders for 5mg Zolpidem with 90 pills per pack can avail it for 165$ roughly and those who request for 10mg Zolpidem with 90 pills per pack can avail it for 199$ approximately. Bulk orders of Ambien both generic and non-generic can be obtained at a remarkable price through online pharmacies.

Generic and non-generic Ambien costs also depends upon the manufacturers of the pill

The price for each medicine is assigned depending on a number of factors. Generic meds are generally available at a very cheap price. A number of manufacturers design Zolpidem and each one sells it for a different rate. Some manufacturers sell the medicine for a very low price caring for the individual’s suffering while the others sell Zolpidem for a higher cost. People in need of the sleep help medicine either Ambien or Zolpidem can buy after discussing with a doctor so as to get the right medication that is suitable for your body.